When Is The Best Time To Go To Gatlinburg, TN


All the seasons offer their own unique benefits. When it comes to the busiest season that would easily be Fall. From the Month’s of September-Novenber The Smoky Mountains have the most beautiful autumn colors in the world during Fall!

Spring is a wonderful time in the Smoky’s because of everything starting to bloom and the crowds are quite a bit smaller, which makes getting around and enjoying all the activities a lot easier. There are a number of gift shows and conventions going on that draw an amazing crowd of people who enjoy craftsmanship. There are several cars and truck shows during the spring like the Rod Run. Right after the Rod Run is the Jeep Invasion and the then the Corvette club come into town. It is a vehicle lovers dream as you can walk the strip and view anything and everything that you can imagine.

Winter is like stepping into a Halmark Movie! The towns light up and decorate with amazing decorations. Every shop and business is decorated as we celebrate Christmas in the Smoky’s. The mountains seem to come alive with the towns. At anytime you can find yourself standing in the middle of a white Christmas that seems like a dream. If you rent a cabin or chalet the experience really is the stuff movies are made out of.

Let’s also mention Gatlinburg has the best shopping with authentic handmade gifts that anyone would cherish as a gift. The craftsmanship of the professionals who make all of these amazing items is second to none and are perfect in their crafting professions. These artists create things such as wallets, jewelry, belts boots, just about anything, and the best part is it will be a one of a kind item since everything is handmade. There are also a ton of other gift stores as well that sell things like swords, blow dart guns, sunglasses, beef jerky, and about anything else you could want.

Questions People Often Ask!

Are the bears wild? YES!!! The bears that you will see in Gatlinburg are very wild. Please do not try to feed them or take pictures with them. People get attacked every year for getting to close or for just being stupid. That is how you get attacked here, by acting stupid. If you see a bear don’t do anything. They do not want you, they want whatever food they are after and they will go on about their business. DO NOT LEAVE FOOD IN YOUR VEHICLES!!!

Where is the best places to eat? Besides Hot Diggity Dawg we recommend The New Orleans Sandwich Shop, The Burg, The Park Grill, and Elsonador’s Mexican Grill. All of these restaurants are privately owned and operated. They are all also the best top rated restaurants in the United States.

Where do all the people stay who aren’t in Hotels? The Smoky Mountain area has cabins and chalets people are able to rent overnight. They are fully equipped and have all the bells and whistles such as pool tables, hot tubs, game rooms, theater rooms, and ofcourse majestic, breath taking views of the mountains and all the wonderful beauty and peace they have to offer. The best place to rent these cabins/ Chalet’s is through VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner). VRBO is the booking site the owners of these properties used to rent them out. You can view cabins right now and even put in the days you would like to rent it and it will tell you the availability. If it is available you can go ahead and rent it, and start planning the vacation of a lifetime.

Is Moonshine Legal in TN? First off yes. Moonshine is legal in TN. More specifically Sevier County, and Gatlinburg is the Moonshine Capitol of the world. There are quite a few moonshine distilleries in Gatlinburg, TN. Sugarlands, and Old Smoky are two of the more recognized names, however there is a Wine Trail, and Whiskey Trail in Gatlinburg as well. There are plenty of places to try anything you could want to try and in any flavor that you want it when it comes to the liquor scene in Gatlinburg.

Is Marijuana legal in TN? At this moment Marijuana is not legal in the state of TN. However, CBD, Kratom, Delta 8,9,10, and 11 are legal. There are head shops around town that sell everything that is legal. These stores are starting to pop up quite a bit as the legalities surrounding Marijuana are loosening more and more. They offer a great alternative to drinking and the therapeutics are pretty nice. You can also pick some up and try it yourself since CBD is legal in all the US at this link: CBD

DollyWood Is Here!!

There’s nothing else to say!! Everyone loves Amusement Parks and everyone loves Dolly Parton!!

You’re Smoky Mountain Vacation

It is easier than ever to start planning for your smoky mountain vacation right now. Everyone that works in Sevier County is here to create the most amazing experience for you that is possible. That is certainly the case in the service industry. Another question we often get is “How do y’all serve all of these people?” It is quite a monumental task, but the workers in this area are usually the very best that the service industry has to offer. From the cooks to the servers, to the people working in the hotels. Everyone here is trained and experienced in handling larger crowds. Still, restaurants hit their capacity and that is the most they can handle which creates waits, but that is really the hardest part of vacationing here. Either eat a little early or later, or be prepared to wait at some of these larger restaurants.

Hot DIggity Dawg very rarely has any wait due to our speed and execution so always keep us in mind if you find yourself on a long wait and are starving!

Gatlinburg, TN Gifts

If you Love the Smoky Mountains but just can’t make the vacation, we like to offer a few things that you are able to purchase! “> “> “> “> “> “>

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