Hot Dog 3.99

All Beef Hot Dog on a brioche bun, you pick the toppings!!

1/4lb Dog 5.99 *

A full 1/4 Dog served on a brioche bun, you pick the toppings!!

Veggie Dog 5.99

Field Roast is our Veggie Dog of choice, you pick the toppings!!

Regular Dog Meal 8.99

Same as the regular dog only served with our homemade chips and cheese and a can drink, or water!

1/4lb. Dog Meal 10.99

Same as the 1/4lb. dog served with our homemade chips and cheese and a can drink or water!

Smoked Gouda Cheese Steak w/fries * 14.99

Our Signature Sandwich with Prime Rib Sliced thin, topped with sweetened, sauteed peppers and onions, and Smoked Gouda Cheese steamed down through it! 

Street Tacos 9.99 *

We use grilled fajita chicken, sweetened, sauteed peppers and onions, topped with shredded Smoked Gouda Cheese, on corn or flour tortillas.

Polish Sausage w/fries  11.99

A true Polish Sausage seasoned to perfection topped however you like!

Bologna Sammich w/ fries 10.99

A 4 nickel thick slice of bologna, grilled and served on Texas Toast! Top it however you like!!

BBQ Sammich w/ fries 10.99

Our Mississippi Pulled Pork Hash Sandwich is second to none! A little sweeter rather than vinegar!

Loaded Pork Nachos 12.99 *

A bed of Homemade Chips topped with Pork, Chili, Cheese, Chives and of course Jalapeno’s!!

Frito Pie 6.99

We start with a bed of Frito’s and top it with chili, cheese, chive, and Jalapeno’s!!

Corn Dog w/fries 7.99

Our Corn Dogs have a little sweetness in the batter!

Grilled Cheese Sammich 5.99

A true Texas Toast Grilled Cheese

Homemade Chips & Cheese 5.99* 

We make our own chips and we make our own cheese!

Basket O Fries  5.99

One Monster Basket O Fries

Chili/Cheese Fries  9.99

That same basket of fries with our homemade chili and cheese!

Cheese Fries  7.99

A basket o fries topped with our homemade cheese!


Milk Shakes 5.99





Floats 4.99

Root Beer



Dr. Pepper

Snow Cones 3.99