Gatlinburg TN

Gatlinburg Quick Trip

Meeting tourists at my door all day long allows for some amazing conversations.  Most of them are here on a quick 
 trip. Just a couple of days, or even day trippers are becoming more the norm.  

So what are the must do things for a quick trip? That is the question I am always asked. I don't presume to know
what everyone is into, but Gatlinburg is very small. Even though there are a ton of things to do, there are some 
must do's! One of which is go into the National Park and play in a waterfall! It is free and the kids will love it.

As I write this it is the weekend before Labor Day and it is 91 degrees.  We will get to winter and fall stuff 
in just a minute.  I always push going into the park, but when you are done with the waterfalls and exploring 
hiking trails, you will be pretty wore out.  Probably just wanting some food and relax for a while.  Most of the 
hotels have pools and there are more than enough arcade gallery's to entertain the kids.  

After relaxing a bit you may want to check out the nigh life.  There is plenty to get into.  We have music venues,
Moonshine venues such as Sugar Lands Moonshine! They are the best in town and you will have a blast sampling 
all of the different moonshines they have to offer.  

There are also some top tier level putt putt golf courses.  Davey Crockett at the beginning of town is second
to none!  They are the original putt putt course of Gatlinburg and will provide an exciting experience for 

Looking for food? Well besides eating with Hot Diggity Dawg I have a couple of recommendations.  We will never 
send anyone to a chain place, so with that being said.  We strongly recommend New Orleans Sandwich Company.  They 
are an incredible Cajun seafood restaurant.  They are family owned and operated like us so shop small and win big.
We also recommend Howards Steak House.  Another family owned business that has been around Gatlinburg since the

Speaking of relaxing again, Gatlinburg has a lot of little CBD and Hemp shops.  A couple are great, but the
majority of them are not so hot.  We just so happen to have best one right next door to us! Howie's Hemp Hut is 
owned by the nicest lady named Genie.  Stop in and say hi to her!

 For when  it's colder during the fall and winter there is always the Ripley's Aquarium.  That is always a hit 
with everyone.  They are voted the #1 Aquarium in the country! It is a must do if you haven't been yet.

Let's talk about the shopping in Gatlinburg.  There are ton's of novelty shops on the main strip.  However the 
best shops are tucked away in the plaza's like Smoky Mountain Art.  That store is incredible.  Everything in it 
is handmade and amazing! It is located in Elks Plaza.  There are also boutiques like Tierra's Boutique which is 
an incredible store full of kids stuff! Like a micro toys!  Look for the privately owned businesses and get the
quality you are paying for. 

These are just a few of the incredible thigs that Gatlinburg has to offer on a quick trip here.  There is so 
much more to do and see but for a quick trip this is a great way to fill up the time.  No matter what you get 
into we are sure you will be happy and have a blast, It's Gatlinburg, how can you not have fun?

We hope yall have a wonderful day! We Love Ya and there ain't nothin you can do about it!

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